Outdoor wedding celebration in Valencia

Thought in detail and enjoyed to the fullest. This is how open-air weddings in Valencia are at La Carreta. Multipurpose spaces and countless possibilities. If you have the illusion, we will do the rest. We organize the wedding of your dreams.

Hotel La Carreta  has the  ideal environment to celebrate all kinds of weddings in Valencia . Elegant rooms equipped with everything you need to celebrate weddings,  baptisms and communions , in an environment  surrounded by beautiful gardens and rooms for you and your guests , without parking or travel problems. Here are the reasons to meet us and learn more:

Arrival at your wedding in Valencia

Nothing more comfortable than spending the hours before your wedding already installed in the place where everything is going to happen. Stay from early the day before the wedding in Valencia and supervise the preparations personally . You can get dressed in your private room surrounded by your loved ones and savor those moments before the wedding.

Welcome and Cocktail

We will give the best welcome to the guests with an excellent aperitif in the open air. You can greet family and friends and take your first photos while having a relaxed cocktail with all of them. Everything you need to start your wedding in Valencia in the best way.

The ceremony

We can hold an emotional ceremony outdoors in our gardens . Some flowers, a string quartet, the decoration you want. Tell us how you would like and we will make it happen. Enjoy your best possible wedding in Valencia.

Lunch or dinner

Our catering team will prepare a customized menu for your day, taking into account if it is in the morning or in the evening , if you want to offer a puff or prefer to serve a great cocktail standing up. What do you fancy? There are many options and they are all great.

The fun begins

After lunch or dinner, the party begins. We help you prepare fun, special and personalized details , so that you will have a great time . Dances, photocalls to take memorable photos, gifts for the guests or surprises for the bride and groom. What can you think of? The more original and fun, the better; We make it happen for you.

Private disco

There are no dream weddings in Valencia without a good nightclub and the previous drinks . After so many months of preparations, this is the time to relax, enjoy and give it your all on the dance floor. For this you can count on a private disco, a unique space where you will enjoy with total privacy with your guests. You can also count on our DJ who will adapt the musical style of the party to your preferences 100%. Don't let the rhythm stop!

After the wedding, sleep here

Now is the time to retire, and the best of all is that both you and your guests can do it in our rooms, without having to drive after your wedding in Valencia. For this we have available special discounts for guests. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Eat with everyone the next day

What better plan for your first wedding day than to comment on everything you experienced with your guests during a wonderful meal? We can organize a meal in our restaurant for you to recharge your batteries and have a good time remembering the best moments of your wedding. The icing on the cake for an unforgettable day.

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We will respond to your reservation request in a maximum of 8 hours.